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Iso enjoying a great section of the #utmf course. by alpineworks

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Sublime Text is eigenlijk best een prima texteditor voor ‘gewoon’ schrijfwerk. by buxx

The Running Bum as Sad and Admirable

There is a thread on the message board right now about whether running bums are sad or admirable. I find the thread sort of fascinating because you can’t really separate out the sadness from the nobility of it.

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Grass and burn by alpineworks

95 in Palm Springs. by journeyfilm

Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer. Vroeg! by rvdborn

@rickeygates entering the upperworld. Descent of Elidir Fawr, Glyder Range. #paddybuckleyround by scottjurek

Een paar uur na deze foto kwam de glazenwasser. RIP, Android. by uzarr

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