Falling Off Edges: Hardrock 2014


Erik Skaggs and I are in Timothy Olson’s crew vehicle with the man himself.

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Nachtje Into The Wild op Schiermonnikoog :-) by ritzotencate http://flic.kr/p/o1fPKH

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Today I chased one of the best sunsets of all time, it was like stepping into a dream. Caught it off Muriwai, the west coast of New Zealand. Such a rad beach line, seemed to be infinite #muriwai #chasingthesun by joshaeversham http://ift.tt/1mJ9tYX

24 hours from Portland to Truckee. The train may be the most relaxing way to travel. | #ws100 #seeyouinsquaw by territoryrunco http://ift.tt/1ml3pki

If you are lucky enough to be in the mountains you are lucky enough … Read that in a truck-stop bathroom once and it stuck with me ever since by chrisburkard http://ift.tt/1qMeylK

I’M IN SQUAW! Dreams becoming reality. #WesternStates100 #GoSallyGo by ethannewberry http://ift.tt/1ml3iW1

Best souvenir ever. by bramwillemse http://ift.tt/1nI4EN1

I think it was time for a new pair of NB 110’s. Still the best trail shoe, hands down.
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Woke to the sun rising up over the Pacific Ocean, off the coast, North of Auckland. Amazing. Felt the positive vibes for the entire day #newzealand #sunrise #newadventures by joshaeversham http://ift.tt/1ymuiOv

Vaderdag. Maar of de vader het zo leuk vindt.. by annekefd http://ift.tt/1r52v0j

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